Shelby on canvas

Welcome to Digi Dog! This site is dedicated to our beloved pets. We love them – they make us happy, they make us laugh, sometimes they are just driving us crazy. One thing is certain, they are part of our family.

In Digi Dog  my mission is to celebrate our pets, to cherish the precious time we have with them. To recreate the happy moments and the emotions.

Digi Dog’s custom pet portraits, are painted by me, Idan Badishi. I wanted to create a different kind of Pet Art, my style is bold, has an urban/retro touch and a strong ‘personality’. The whole process takes long hours and effort, in order to guarantee the best results.

If you’d like to have an exceptional and exciting portrait of your own beloved pet, to cherish its memory, or just to make someone happy – Digi Dog  is the place for you.


Digital Finger Paint

Digi Dog’s primary, bold and exciting style, developed by Idan Badishi.

ruger and ingrid

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This style combines modern and traditional methods, and the results are colorful, exciting and very different from any other portrait style that can be found on the web.

The technique is very complex, and demands long hours of work, dedication and a lot of animal-loving soul. Each portrait captures the essence of your beloved pet, in the most creative way possible.


Every portrait is done by hand, using a professional Wacom graphic pad, in order to create for my customers a one-of-kind tailor-made art piece. This style looks more like an actual oil painting, one can really feel the warmth and the artist’s touch in it.

You are welcome to check out Digi Dog’s “Digital Finger Paint” portrait gallery.

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