DSC_6504-2-sIdan Badishi aka IBadishi is a self taught persona and the engine beneath Digital Dog Portraits’ hood. Since childhood his artistic skills have been exposed to the world through his trumpet playing and photography. 12 years after his graduation, IBadishi has decided to leave his comfortable job at the bank, and to explore new horizons in Brazil and Argentina. During his 2 years of travelling, he was able to polish his Portuguese, learn Spanish, and to master some new techniques of digital art and photography. Take a look at IBadishi’s phorography and art portfolio at “RedBubble“.
His keen eye for beauty and composition was always admired by his fans. “Your art”, they said, “must be shared with the world!”. Finally he accepted the challenge.
1399150_417790021656556_707479117_o Here, in DigitalDogPortraits.com, IBadishi has combined his two passions : Art and Dogs. Our mission is to provide unique and artistic portraits of your beloved pets, in various exciting styles and in affordable rates. So… If you LOVE your pet dearly, and miss it when it’s not around, you are welcome to try Digi Dog’s exceptional Custom Pet Portraits.
Be careful! We’re sure that you will fall in love immediately!


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If you have any question doubt or suggestion feel free to contact us at :   contact@digitaldogportraits.com